Why a Chameleon?


Chameleons are pretty neat. While the species come in a range of colors, what really sets them apart from other four-legged lizards is their ability to change the color of their skin. How cool is that? It involves a bunch of weird science-y stuff, including guanine crystals and skin pigments, but the important thing to remember is that chameleons are masters at reinventing themselves. I admire that in an animal.


You see, while I choose to define myself by many different monikers and personal passions, I’ve also always lived by a personal motto (of sorts) that change, no matter how bad, is good. Of course, that doesn’t mean I can’t make up my mind, but rather it means that I try really hard to avoid getting attached to parts of myself that I know can change. Just like a chameleon, I’m constantly adapting to my surroundings. Sometimes I’m trying to sneak up on a new opportunity and other times I’m just hiding from a monster that’s about to eat me.

So, why a chameleon? Because they never stop changing and neither will I.

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