Star Wars Trivia #4


Not all protocol droids are nice. In fact, there have been a few droids throughout Star Wars’ storied history that have openly expressed their distaste for “fleshy” humanoids. Can you think of any?

For fans of the Old Republic series of video games, HK-47 might come to mind, but today I’d like to talk about 0-0-0 (Triple-Zero). Indeed, this snarky little C-3P0 look-a-like isn’t just openly evil, he’s deceptively dangerous. It’s not all his fault though, Triple-Zero was designed to be an expert in etiquette, translation and torture.

While not much is known about Triple-Zero’s origins, a few weeks after the Battle of Yavin, Triple-Zero’s personality (robot brain, if you will) was installed in a new protocol droid by Doctor Aphra and Triple-Zero was awakened. I won’t cover all of his exploits, but one of his more memorable adventures involved Triple-Zero leading a group of droids against a battalion of meaty soldiers. This little excerpt should give you a good idea of how that battle went.

If you want to read more about Triple-Zero, you can find him in the Darth Vader or Doctor Aphra comic book series. You’ll also learn about his charming little companion, Beetee.

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