Top Three Worst Legendary Weapons in Destiny


Destiny has seen its fair share of overpowered weapons terrorize the Crucible, but have you ever considered what takes the cake for the antithesis of destruction? The truth is, for every gun that has been frustratingly popular in Destiny’s various metas, there has been an ever larger pool of trash-tier pea shooters slugging it out at the bottom of the barrel. So, strictly talking about legendary weapons, what are the most irredeemable, irrelevant and utterly forgettable three weapon parts to ever momentarily waste space in our weapon inventory? Let’s find out.

Disclaimer: Just to be clear, we’re not talking about bad rolls on otherwise good weapons. We’re talking about the “An-Eyasluna-With-Oiled-Frame-Would-Still-Dumpster-This” kind of weapon. The “Even-a-God-Roll-Won’t-Save-It” variety.

The Red Spectre

Auto rifles haven’t been a major part of the meta for a long time. In fact, excluding that one moment when the Doctrine of Passing briefly reared its head, Auto’s have been on the wrong end of Destiny’s competitive scene since the first few months of the 2014 launch. Among the worst of the worst in this group, however, is the Red Spectre.

The Red Spectre, the self-proclaimed prototype of the infamous Red Death, originally seemed like it might be a meta buster. While it’s base stability, range and aim assist have always been awful, there was a visual glitch in the guns displayed stats that made the gun seem to fall in the same rate of fire camp as the Monte Carlo while offering the same impact as the Suros Regime. But as anyone who used this gun quickly discovered, the Red Spectre was anything but overpowered.

As I mentioned earlier, the gun’s problems start in the stats. When it comes to auto rifles, the ability to stick on your target is easily the most important factor to consider. Therefore managing the recoil and improving the range or aim assist are the stats you want to look for. The Red Spectre excels in none of these areas. With the second lowest base stability among all auto rifles and below-average range and aim assist (it’s near the bottom for each stat), the Red Spectre laughs at your feeble attempts to aim. Slap on Focused Fire (the only perk in Destiny to actively lower your weapon’s DPS) and you’ve got yourself a steaming turd of a primary.

The Light of the Abyss

This fusion rifle has more-or-less been an instant-shard since its release in Crota’s End. While it does hold the distinction of being the fastest-firing fusion rifle in the game, that’s about the only half-decent thing that can be said about this atrocity.

Its first problem, is it’s a fusion rifle, meaning it carries all of the normal disadvantages (charge time, bullet travel, etc.) as other weapons in this class. Beyond that, the Light of the Abyss happens to do less damage than any other fusion in the game. In fact, after Bungie’s last round of Destiny fusion rifle nerfs (the one that reduced the damage of all fast-firing fusions), the Light of the Abyss was neutered to deal only 33 damage per bolt. Considering there are seven bolts in a single fusion burst, that means that ALL seven bolts must hit their target in order to guarantee a one-shot-kill (231 total damage). Eight armor and lower will die in six bolts, however (198 total damage).

But don’t worry, surely the perks and base stats make up for the weakness of its archetype, right? Wrong. With the second lowest base range, and seventh worst base stability, the Light of the Abyss isn’t doing anyone any favors. It’s scopes and perks, which are set, are mostly worthless. First, there’s Crowd Control (+15% damage for three seconds after a kill), which sounds promising but actually only raises the damage per bolt to a measly 37. And yes, even with 37 damage on a bolt, it still requires six bolts for a one-burst kill. Our other perks are Hipfire, Speed Reload, Skip Rounds and Enhanced Battery. Oh, and of course, it has the bonus perk of Hive Disruptor (how could I forget?), which does a small amount of extra damage to Hive Majors.

The Hothead

I was a little torn on my final pick for this list (visit the Honorable Mentions to see why), but ultimately, The Hothead made the list for a few reasons. First and foremost, The Hothead was a reward for completing one of the most painfully arduous quest lines in Destiny: The Mountaintop. For those who don’t know, before Shaxx just gave away those weekly Crucible bounties like they were candy, you had to complete a massive questline to unlock them. Originally the quest even required wins in the Crucible (later patched to only require completions), making it one of the most infuriating time sinks in all of Destiny. Players assumed that after all the trouble—the pain, the sweat and the tears—Shaxx would reward us galant Guardians who rose to the challenge a weapon befitting our sacrifice. Instead, we were greeted by The Hothead.

More than just a painfully weak choice for heavy, The Hothead joins other terrible rewards in the woefully massive graveyard of Destiny disappointments. Featuring a static roll of pure “blech” and baseline stats of absolute “plllfb,” the only positive thing that can be said about The Hothead is that it shares a weapon model with Dragon’s Breath (which is a good thing, I think?).

If you didn’t know, a good rocket launcher (for PvE or PvP) requires a couple of things: An ideal inventory, the perk “Tripod” and something to help you hit your target. Without a decent inventory stat, you can only hold a maximum of four or five rockets (two on pickup in PvP). Even with the perk Field Scout (which can make up for poor base stats), you still need Tripod (or a +Heavy boosting perk on your armor) or you’ll be stuck with six total rockets (and two on pickup in PvP). Then, without either Tracking or Grenades & Horseshoes your odds of actually hitting something drop significantly.

The Hothead has Last Resort, Spray & Play and Field Scout. While extra reload speed is never a bad thing The Hothead takes longer to reload than several alternative legendary options (even with Spray & Play activated). Not to mention, in PvP you probably won’t even get a chance to reload (and if you do, I imagine you’ll run to complete safety before doing so). All said and done, The Hothead is easily the most disappointing weapon from my three years of Destiny.

Honorable mentions:

There were so many bad guns to choose from, but I chose to only highlight three. Here are a few guns that didn’t quite make the list.

The Anguish of Drystan

The Taken King’s raid auto is the perfect combination of terrible recoil, terrible reload and a terrible archetype. The only reason the Anguish didn’t make the list is its barrel mods. With Linear Comp. selected, you can kill in one fewer head shot than without it, making it at least somewhat interesting.

The Hex Caster ARC

Easily the worst maximum rate-of-fire auto rifle in the game. While its base stats aren’t actually that bad, the Hex Caster can’t roll Braced Frame OR Counterbalance. In other words, the gun will never be easy to control. In the end, however, The Hex Caster ARC is in the most favorable archetype of auto rifle, and that alone pushes it above the Red Spectre in my opinion.

Subtle Nudge or 20/20 AMR7

The problem with these sniper rifles is extremely singular: Their damage is atrocious, coming in at a measly 217 damage on a headshot and 87 on the body. Yep, you heard me. With only 87 damage on a body shot, it will take you three body shots and 0.8 seconds to get a kill. There are primary weapons that kill that fast! What’s worse, when these snipers were first released back in the House of Wolves, a Ramlock (Warlock wearing the Ram) had ~230 health, meaning you couldn’t even kill one with a headshot! How bad is that? Despite being the worst sniper of all time, however, these guns can still dome your average guardian with a well-placed shot (and they have decent base stats). As such, they didn’t quite make the list.

Those are my top picks for worst guns in Destiny. Did I forget to mention any? Let me know in the comments below if you think any other guns deserve to be on this list.

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